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Super Mario Run is now available for Android

Hello InfoEnthusiasts!

Remember the Super Mario..?  Yes! You are guessing right. The super plumber(Super Mario) game is back.

Super Mario Run, the endless running game is coming to Android. Nintendo has now put out pre-registration for the game on Android, making it clear that it is launching very soon. Super Mario Run was announced alongside the launch of iPhone 7 . The game was made available for iPhone and iPad a few days back, but it received disappointing reviews and it takes Nintendo’s stock down with it. Nintendo, however, has assured updates and even has plans to release at least 2-3 mobile games per year.

The biggest disappointment comes in Super Mario Run’s is in the form of Mario, who runs automatically here. The gamer only controls Mario’s jumps with the gameplay involving collection of as many coins as possible. Of course, you get to fight Bowser and rescue Princess Peach at the end.

The Android app follows the same model as that of its iOS counterpart. The app will be available for free with limited access and full game available only via in-app purchases. Super Mario Run’s Play Store page is up and shows the game as available for pre-registration. Nintendo will notify users when the game becomes available for download.

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