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Microsoft Joined the Linux Foundation as Platinum Member

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Microsoft has officially joined the Linux foundation as a platinum member – the highest level of membership. It announced that in 2016 Connect developer event at New York.


Microsoft and the Open Source community have traditionally been enemies, but the announcement is the latest in a series of steps that Microsoft has taken to embrace Linux. Microsoft has already contributed to a number of its open source projects, including Node.js Foundation, Open Container Initiative, OpenDaylight, R Consortium, and Open API Initiative.

Visual Studio Announcements

Microsoft has announced Visual Studio 2017 RC for Windows. Visual Studio for Mac is also announced. VS for Mac will have a free community edition. Preview for Visual Studio for Mac is available to download now.


Docker support feature is available in Visual Studio 2017 that can turn an application in a docker file, run inside a container , and can be deployed as a Docker container anywhere Docker is supported. Now using Visual Studio, we can change, debug, and test docker container code live from your Visual Studio.

Visual Studio Mobile Center is announced. VS Mobile Center lets developers deploy and manage their app life cycle. It gives developers a quick overview of app users and its analytics. You can build your own dashboard and run complex queries.

Google and Samsung joined .NET foundation

One of the biggest announcements is that Google and Samsung are joining the .NET Foundation. Google has been contributing to .NET for a while. And Samsung is releasing a first preview of the Tizen tool for Visual Studio. Tizen is embracing .NET. Tizen is an open source OS based on Linux and powers over 50 million devices. Now, C# and .NET developers can write Samsung device apps.

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