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How To Install Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise RC

Hello InfoEnthusiasts!

Microsoft released new version of Visual Studio with lots of new features and development tools, so let’s have a first look of Visual Studio 2017. Just go through step by step guide to install Visual Studio 2017, into your computers/laptops. It needs to follow the URL to download Visual Studio 2017.


Now, just click on Fee Download button and it will scroll you down, where you can select your Visual Studio edition.


I’ll recommend Visual Studio Enterprise Edition to be download. When you click on download button, you’ll get Visual Studio enterprise installer, so double-click on it.


It will automatically start the installation process. Subsequently, you just have to follow the steps given below.


First Screen that you’ll get during installation is where you have to select the development components, which you want.


I select .NET Desktop Development, which allows to create Console app, basic Windows Form Application and WPF along with C#/VB compilers. I also selected Web Development tools to create or use ASP.NET Web Application Development. Now, just press enter to start the installation.


It’s take time to get the installations done.

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After installation completes successfully, you have two options. You can install more tools or can start the development with Visual Studio 2017 RC. You can add more tools than provided by Visual Studio, as shown below.

Select Modify option from your screen, as shown below.


Select what you want. Since I selected Python Development Tools, on right side you can add individual components followed by installing size, which will increase but if your Visual Studio is already started, you need to close it before starting to modify it. In the end, just press enter to start upgrading Visual Studio.


Now, click to launch button to start your Visual Studio 2017 RC.


Now, let’s have a first look of Visual Studio 2017 RC.


Just login with your Microsoft Account or Visual Studio account.


Now, setup the Development Setting VC#, VB.NET or General as default and also you can change the colour theme, as per your choice and click Start Visual Studio.


Finally we got the New Visual Enterprise Studio 2017 RC. Congrats.

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