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Google Launches YouTube KIDS App in India

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Google’s video streaming platform YouTube launches ‘YouTube KIDS ‘ App in India, aimed at parents as well as tech-savvy children. The app is available on both iOS and Android. There’s no web version of YouTube Kids.


With larger images and bold icons, YouTube Kids is fast and simple for little thumbs to navigate. It also offers voice search to let children find videos even if they cannot spell or type, YouTube said.

There are already some very popular Indian YouTube channels that offer content aimed at kids. The most notable of them are ‘Little Krishna‘ & ‘ChuChuTV‘, the second most popular YouTube channel in India with over six billion total views.

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In addition to kids-friendly content, the YouTube Kids app is also designed to give parents better control over the things they want their kids to see, as well as also put a limit on the things their child is permitted to search on the app. They can also set a timer on how long they want their kids to use the app.


“YouTube Kids comes to India at a great time for millions of Indian families, as it provides children access to content that will enrich their lives and create new opportunities for learning”,  Malik Ducard, YouTube’s Global Head of Family and Learning


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