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Airbags, Reverse Sensor and more Safety Features are Mandatory from October 2017

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Automakers will have to provide Airbags, vehicle reverse gear sensors, speed-warning systems and seat-belt reminder system as standard equipment from October 2017. The Road Transport and Highways Ministry, said in a draft notification issued on Wednesday.


Adding airbags in yet to be launched cars, will be easier than equipping some of the old car models. Many current cars in the budget segment don’t have airbags and, with weak body shells, may not able to provide protection even after being fitted with one.

The speed-warning systems will warn cars if they go above 80 km/h and above 100 km/h, there will be a continuous audio alert. The rear parking sensors will help eliminate blind spot problems which prevented drivers from spotting children or low objects near the ground.


Government also plans to set up a vehicle safety assessment programme known as Bharat New Vehicle Safety Assessment Program, wherein passenger vehicles will receive star ratings based on how they perform under various crash tests. The frontal crash tests will conduct at speeds of up to 64 Km/h, and side crash test will conduct at speeds of up to 50 Km/h. The mandatory safety features will also mean that new cars will get better structural rigidity than the older ones.

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