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Uber Launches Driver-less Taxi Fleet in US

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Here we are going to talk about first driver-less taxi fleet launched by Uber in US.

Uber launches the first driver-less taxi fleet in US, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, striding ahead as companies such as Google, Tesla, Ford and GM race to develop autonomous vehicle technology.


The San Francisco based company said it would have dozens of self-driving cars on the road by year-end, although the vehicles would still have human “drivers” who sit behind the wheel to intervene if needed.

Pittsburgh had “ideal conditions” for testing because it was an old city with narrow roads and extreme weather. We like to call Pittsburgh the double black diamond of driving, If we really can master driving in Pittsburgh, we feel we have a good chance to master it in most other cities in the world.

-Raffi Krikorian, Director of Uber’s Advanced Technologies Centre


Expansion of self-driving vehicles to other locations in the United States have not been announced, but Uber did note that the Pittsburgh was the perfect place to test the new technology thanks to its “narrow, streets and extreme weather,” according to Uber’s fact sheet detailing the service.

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